True Princess- Cake Smash

Calling out all the princess baby Gang, Finishing the weekend with this lovely session was blessing for me.

   We had Baby K. in the studio full of glam and glitter.

When Mommy Z.  contacted us and showed her interest in having a princess theme cake smash session for her daughter i was more than happy to setup one super glam princess session. This is the setup we came up for her.

Ohhh My, look at all those sparkles.

After taking lots of photos for this gorgeous cake sponsored  to us  by  Sable Qatar,  Baby K. entered the studio will half sleepy eyes, coz she just had a nap, Fingers were crossed, hopes were high and mind was focused. After lots of preparations and planning, all depends on the baby.

and we quickly went  to this and it was all smiles for all of us in the studio.












Some quick Family captures.

Boys Breaking the Stereotype.
Some Glam with Mommy Z.
A quick Family capture.

Who can wait for the cake,  NOBODY. So we quickly bring the cake in for Baby K. We all were super nervous on how she will react to the cake. She was pretty nice to her cake. Have a look.

A tiara on the cake ?
But first a Tiara while tasting her first cake.
Yes to the Cake.

Finished the Session in  HAPPY ENDING .


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