About Me

Hi, Its me Maida Asal, A mommy, A Graphic Designer, Someone who holds 3D animator Degree, And above all your Truly Photographer who love Kids and stuff related to them. I found my Love for kids and family photography over all other genres when i got into motherhood.And soon after It is all what i am doing.  I am someone who can eat pizza whole day or next day i can Go on strict diet. Well Any day is great if you have something new to do?  Resting Can make me Bored or sleeping for continues 12 hours can make me go WOHOOO. Well thats me, MaidaAsal.

No moment is Ordinary moment, So not celebrate them and Make Memories To cherish them in future.


Oh my Party was created by a passionate mom, Who had her days and night into Arts and Designs. and After Embracing motherhood she found her passion of photography into newborn, kids and family session. It was purely love of our clients that Today Ohmp is Qatar Registered business and offering Professional Photography service for your Newborn, kids and Family’s Special Moments,.